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Pyrenean Mastiff
mastin de los pireneos, pyrenean mastiff

From Owners diary: 

Пиренейский мастиф с хозяйкой


«…I want a dog. Big, beautiful, special, unlike others have. And that, I am sure it will protect me and my family. That it will become a friend for my older daughter and a gentle nanny for my future younger one. I want a dog that would be a decoration and a guardian for my country house… 

…And so, I found it in Pyrenees. Now it is my dog.  


Dear friends and guests — we are gladly meeting you on our website! 

With our website we would like to introduce you to these incredible dogs, if you have never met them before. As well as also collide fans and breeders of Pyrenean Mastiffs.


Certainly, we have a lot to tell and share with you. 


пиренейский мастиф

Altoaragon Dalida – our first Pyrenean mastiff. Our happiness and pride. We brought her from Pyrenees itself when she was a baby and while she was growing we were gradually discovering absolutely amazing features that these dogs inherit.

Dalida’s personal page

пиренейский мастиф Бернард чемпион  

Bernard (Bernie) – Our gorgeous, young dog (male) — a champion that always catches your eye. Our guests and friends’s favorite. He loves affection and attention.

Bernard’s personal page

Пиренейский мастиф Багира

Bagira (Baggy) – Most active and extremely fast girl from all our Pyreneans. She is always ready to catch up with a game, do a trick or go on an adventure.

Bariga’s personal page

пиренейский мастиф Бэя питомник  

Bella Pure From Aragon  (Beya) — «Pure Beauty from Aragon» — is her name translated from Spanish. White and fluffy, very gente bitch. Clever and tricky, brave and dominant. A DOG with a capital, careful and affectionate to her own, but serious and cautious with strangers..

Beya’s personal page 

Пиренейский мастиф Багратион

Bagration (Bagrat)— Impressive boy — excellent student. Always trying to be the best at everything and is very attentive to the owner.

Bagration’s personal page

A few words about Pyrenean mastiff dog breed 

For your convenience, you can listen to the text about Pyrenean mastiff dog breed on-line:


Pyrenean mastiff is currently considered a rare dog breed in Russia. It is safe to say that Pyrenean mastiff is a native of Aragon Kingdom, which took place in a part of modern-day Spain and France. Spain is officially declared a country of origin of Pyrenean mastiffs. In its historical homeland Pyrenean mastiffs are known as Mastin del Pirineo or Pyrenean mastiff. This breed has an ancient and rich history. 

These dogs were intended to guard a flock of sheep from wolves, bears, other predators and poachers. In the good old days, special attention was drawn specifically to herding and guarding qualities of dogs. Thus, you could say that Pyrenean mastiffs are great working dogs, which are not inclined to unreasonable aggression. That way, the shepherd could walk away from the flock and not worry that dogs would leave sheep. Dogs will protect them and will not attack strangers, unless it is absolutely necessary. Mastiff sees a flock as its pack — he is careful with baby lambs and cautious with outsiders, mastiff will not let them close. Besides, earlier Pyrenean mastiff dogs were used as military working dogs, as guardians and security. 

 Thanks to its biologically innate mind, majesty and “lion-like” calmness, mastins are great dogs for home. 

Pyreneans won’t demand constant attention towards themselves, they won’t develop bad habits if it will be left to themselves for some time. Dogs of this breed require brief but regular exercises. For instance, with a grown mastiff one could train 15-20 mins every 2 days. However, you should not confuse walks with trainings, since Pyreneans are very large dogs — they need to move a lot. Obviously, if you own a house with land, on which you let your dog walk around freely, especially if you have a few dogs, they will not be lacking movement, it will be fulfilled by dogs playing together. Although walks are still required, especially if it is your pet is for now the only one. Remember, for a dog nothing can replace the attention and walks with its favorite owner.  

 Pyrenean mastiffs are magnificent dogs for private residence with some territory. Pyreneans — are dogs for outdoor keep, due to its warm furry coat, it can perfectly settle in its “house” (ex. a doghouse with aviary) and you can always invite your reliable guard to stay inside the house. 

 Pyrenean mastiff’s characteris unique. Pyreneans do not choose a single owner unlike for instance shepherd dogs, they obey all members of their family: ride babies in a sleigh and play with them. How do Pyreneans behave with children? Pyrenean mastiff treats kids and their gambols with care, tenderness and patience. It would not ever harm them intentionally. However, when little children are playing with dogs, parent’s watch is a necessity. All dog handlers and experienced breeders always inform that whatever dog it is: small, medium, large, for service or decoration — small children can play with dogs only with adult supervision. 

Commonly, training Pyreneans is not problematic. However you must remember that a Pyrenean mastiff is a large dog which has a certain sense of independence due to its nature, that is why one should start building up the hierarchy in the relationship with the dog early — when it is a puppy.

 Pyrenean mastiffs are ranked 4th in the world by their size. They vary by their “cat-like” flexibility and light sprawling trot. Thus Pyrenneans do not appear heavy at all, despite their impressive sizes. Dogs of this breed have very thick white fur with clear marks. The marks can be dark gray or ginger, and a mask on its head is always dark and explicit. For more information about Pyrenean mastiff’s descriptions visit breed standards.

 In Russia, a Pyrenean mastiff is only starting to gain its popularity, unlike in Europe and Baltic states. Pyreneans are impossible not to love. Certainly, if you ever meet a dog like this — you will pay attention to it. 

Pyrenean mastiff photos

Pyrenean mastiff on the World Dog Show 2016
Pyrenean mastiff on the walk
Pyrenean mastiff
Pyrenean mastiff. Golden autumn.