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Dear Friends and Guests,
Catholic Christmas and New year in fairy Budapest!
What can be better and more extremely?!
Only fact that we took with us 3 pyrenean mastiff and also that moment that EuroDogShow-2021 was also important point of our trip.

As you know, it is our family tradition to go on a small but very intense trip with all your family and of course with our dogs. We combine our trips with dog shows.

It is possibility for us to see new places to visit sights, to taset doestic and national kitchen, to swim in thermal sources (as in this time).

Dog Shows for us — it is not only reason to sfow our dogs, It is possivility to see other dogs, breeders of pyrenean mastiff and meeting with our friends. Win of our dogs it is only a nice bonus.

 Euro Dog Show 2021 results (30.12.2021 Budapest, Hungary).
Judge: Mr. Zeferino Jose Cardoso Silva.
BERNARD — Excellent-1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Europian Winner 2021;
European Dog Show-2021 Hungary

BAGIRA — Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS, Europian Winner 2021;

Europian dog Show-2021

By the way, we also took part in CACIB dog show, which was in Budapest 28.12.2021 — Budapest Grand Prix Winner Show 2021».

Results of Budapest Grand Prix Winner Show 2021 (28.12.2021 Budapest Hungary).
Judge: Mr. Juan Alberto Grillo.
BAGIRA — Excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOS;
Budapest Grand Prix Winner Show 2021»
But that’s not all,
We have very happy news!
We with our pyrenean mastiff’ males visited «Sires On Ice ReproStars Hungary» center (reproduction center and sperm bank).
Therefore, if you are interested in mating with Bernard or Bagration, please contact us freely:
+7 910 796 62 00 , Ekaterina.

We are very sorry for the late with news.
Nevertheless, we got to the European Dog Show — 2021, but to our sorry we had no time to announce about it. Because we had only one day between travel to Saratov for making dog mating of our Beya with Hodor and the beginning of a trip to Hungary.

Sure Beya stayed at home. Anyway we took Bernard, Bagira and Bagration with us. After homecoming we also had no opportunity for sharing information about our trip, because such «famous» COVID-19 affected our family.