Cynologists about dogs of the Pyrenean mastiff breed - Expert’s opinion -
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While looking for a dog, every future owner tries to find as much information about its breed as possible. To understand what dog breed you should choose to guard a private house and a family it is very important to pay attention not only to owner’s reviews, but also to reviews of specialists of the breed. Thus we have collected a few cynologist’s feedbacks about pyrenean mastiff dog breed.

Cynologists about dogs of the Pyrenean mastiff breed — Expert’s opinion..

Chumarova Olga — a cynologist, RKF instructor, founder of a cytologist club — “Smart Dog”

Into dog breeding since 1988, professionally dealing with dogs since 1990.  Attendee and awardee of many competitions. Police-cynoligist officer since 1996. 

Кинолог отзыв о собаках породы пиренейский мастиф Пиренейский мастиф дрессировка собак

Olga’s impression of a Pyrenean Mastiff dog breed

About 4 years ago, owners of a highly rare dog breed — pyrenean mastiff, asked to be in my group. There were no reasons for me to refuse them, plus they were not looking for a breed — trainer (given only 20 dogs in Russia — it would have been funny), but for a instructor, who can  help them understand their dog. We talked on the phone and the owners came and stayed. 

Pyrenean mastiff Daly (Dalida) — is a very peculiar dog, although at fight glace her behaviour reminds a tibenian, an asian or a caucasian. But that is only at first glance.

A Pyrenean mastiff is a completely different dog. Although, surely, dogs have some similarities with these breeds. A dog is very very interesting. It is big, strong, very confident in itself. But…..there is a very please “but”

This dog is the one that needs communication with an owner, despite its independence and absolute non-intrusiveness. The one that is trying hard to please its owner, a great guardian, but at the same time — very timidly treats owners and their kids. 

Generally, this dog, with right socialization, behaves very carefully with kids, feels sincerely happy with familiar people (unless of course they would like to come into the doghouse away from owners).

Calm, rational, thoughtful. A Pyrenean mastiff is a nice trained dog, just like all molossers, whatever you teach it will remember it for a long time. And always demonstrates what was absorbed. 

Communication with a pyrenean mastiff gives you pure joy — the dog is understandable, patient, to be honest for me a little leisurely. But that is, as we say, for a type. 

No, I am not persuading everyone to get specifically a pyrenean mastiff, that dog is difficult to raise and it is not made for an apartment or house. It is a dog that needs to move freely around the territory, and the bigger it is — the better for a dog. Appearance like the dog is lazy and slow, but if one tries to test its guardian abilities, without warning the owners, he/she will have bad luck. A lot. And that troublemaker would have to lay low on the ground until owners come. 

Besides, Daly is also very beautiful. While interacting with her there originates a sense of power, strength and confidence.

However, all that will be achieved through exercises, trainings, and quality care. 

In fact, this breed is difficult and expensive to grow and treat. Requires a truck of patience. Knowledge and skill — no less. 

This dog has not yet left anyone unmoved. 


Amanda Jean Pratt — owner of the Scout’s Legacy Service Dogs” center for preparation assistant-dogs (service dogs), Texas, USA 

She is working with different dog breeds, including pyrenean mastiffs. Amanda and Karina Whittington were our guests, when they came to us to choose a puppy, which at the moment is living with them in the US.А.

пиренейский мастиф как собака ассистент мнение кинолога Аманды Джин Прэт. пиренейский мастиф собака ассистент


Therefore, for us it was especially interesting to learn a specialist’s opinion about pyrenean mastiff breed in comparison to more known dog breeds in Russia, like tibetian mastiff, caucasian or middle asian shepherd dog.

According to Amanda, these dogs have significant differences. 

Pyrenean mastiff is less aggressive than tibetian mastiffs, middle asian or caucasian shepherds. Dogs of pyrenean mastiff breed protect in case of a real danger to its territory, people or animals. In other words, without aggressions, provocations or threats from stanger sides — pyrenean mastiff will in fact warn about an outsider approaching, but will not touch him, unlike  middle asian or caucasian shepherds. For these, it is more typical to attack when a stranger just gets in their sight.

Another very important advantage: pyrenean mastiff is pretty well oriented with its owners that it lives with. This highly distinguishes a pyrenean from, for example, a tibetian mastiff.