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Dog nutrition, especially for giant breeds, is one of the main components of healthy growing. Thus, from early years you should pay close attention to food quantity and a diet for pyrenean mastiff breed puppies. More…..


As pyrenean mastiff breeders — we chose natural foods for our dogs, instead of dry dog food. We have prepared recommendations for feeding pyrenees with natural meals.


First of all, you must follow the right amount of times you feed your mastiff a day, depending on its age. Second of all, define and follow a correct volume (weight of food) of one feed for your pyrenean mastiff.


We suggest you use this formula as a basis for calculation the amount (weight) of food per one feed:

(dog’s weight in kg x 0.7 —  15%) / times of feedings a day =

dog’s weight in kg multiplied by 0.7 then subtract 15% and divide all by times of feedings a day, as a result you will get an amount of food per one feed.


More about feeding dogs with natural meals depending on dog’s weight and season: 

To clarify, in this case the described feeding recommendations are for pyrenean mastiffs dog breeds that are maintained outdoors.

From 4 to 6 months — feed 3 times a day based on calculation: (weight,kg × 0.7 —  15%) / times of feedings a day.

From 6 months to 1.5 years — feed 2 times a day, same calculations, but during winter season do not subtract 15%

From 1.5 years — feed once a day, same calculations,

during severe cold: feed 2 times a day — (weight, kg × 0,7) ÷ 2.


A calculation example and detailed menu for our 5 month old pups

(26 kg × 0,7 — 15%) ÷ 3 = 0,55 kg for one feed per one pup 

Morning: Cottage cheese (400g) + chicken egg yolk or a full quail egg with shell (better to alternate).

Пиренейский мастиф питание Как кормить мастифа

Day: Porridge (rice, buckwheat or oatmeal) + beef (or chicken or turkey) boiled entrails (lung, liver, heart, udder); Or just a milk porridge. 

Натуралка для собак породы пиренейский мастиф натуральный корм для мастифа

Evening: Raw meat (beef — flesh 2nd sort, tripe, trachea) or raw chicken flesh, chicken necks + greens, grated raw vegetables 40g + oil 20g (choose either: sunflower, camelina, olive, linseed, salmon or fish oil). Sometimes instead of meat: raw fillet (pollack, atlantic herring, plaice) — 2-4 times a month. 

Содержание и кормление собак породы пиренейский мастиф кормление гигантских пород собак


A few times a week, strictly after food: give a dog cartilages (beef scapula or knee joints) to crunch in the morning or afternoon. You can give a big bone-toy (dumbbells) to keep a dog busy throughout a day. 


Prohibited for feeding: any boiled bones, bird’s tubular bones.

Supplements and Vitamins:

For joints: Ga-Glacan (by Wolmar production), ог  chondroDog  (by Silver track production), or jelly made of either chicken feet (no claws) or beef tails, or simply a gelatin jelly. 

For bones: calcium peptide (by Silver track production)

Vitamin group B — once a year course (possible in tablets or as a shot).

You must follow manufacturer recommendations if feeding commercial food — 15%, if switching to dry food it is necessary to gradually increase commercial food portions. Switch for 10 days (Pro-Plan, Royal Canin, Hills)

Important to remember!

  • A bowl of food should not be in front of a dog for over 15 minutes, if it is not finished, you need to reduce the amount of portion.
  • If a dog did not eat everything from the bowl, remove the leftovers. 
  • Dogs of any breeds, as well as Pyrenean mastiffs must have access to pure drinking water. 
  • Raw meat must be refrigerated in a freezer for at least 2 days, tripe for at least 3 days.