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What do you have to do before bringing a pup? What is needed for a pup? Recommendations. Preparing to have a puppy at home! Pyrenean mastiff — is a large and fluffy dog, a guardian and companion dog, for outdoor keep. Therefore, before you take a puppy home, you must prepare. 

Подготовка к появлению щенка в доме что нужно подготовить для щенка в доме подготовка к появлению содержание щенка

  1. Foremost what needs to be done as preparation for a pup’s arrival is to set up a spot. For a country house — that most likely would be an aviary with a doghouse (booth). Basic principles of the aviary placement for a dog on a private territory are: from its spot, a dog must be able to clearly see all entrances and exits. Entrance for a doghouse has to face south. Also there you should consider a feeding zone. Don’t forget that to form a beautiful figure of a young pyrenean mastiff, a feeder with bowls must be placed at their chest level. Your puppy or a teenage dog will be happy if they had an armful of straw or hay in their booth, and a small hillock of sand at the accessible territory.
  2. Second — are Leashes. Best option would be rubberized leash with a sturdy carabin.It is necessary to have 3 leashes with different lengths: 1.5 meters; 3.0 meters; 5-10 meters. Longer leashes for larger dogs can be replaced with rubberized lounges for horses. 
  3. Ways to fight fleas, mites, chewing lice etc. Product “Delcid” will work great if sprayed on the interior of the doghouse and dog’s mat, moreover that product is good against mosquitos. Drops for dogs withers against mites — is a necessity, a well-recommended product in here — «Bars». Dog leashes against mites are better if they are fabricated by brand BAER.
  4. Hygiene tools: nail clipper, ear drops, shampoo. Brushes: comb, fur brush for dogs, furminator. A few big old blanket sheets would work great as towels for your pyrenean mastiff.
  5. Toys: tennis balls, rubber rings and sticks for dogs
  6. Materials for exercises: backpack (required for training a command “place”), fanny pack (for treats); muzzle.

Tips for nutrition and feeding pyrenean mastiff breed dogs.