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Pyrenean Mastiff
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Bagration (was born 27.12.17) —  It is a love from a first sight…

From the first second he came to life… He emerged himself, crawled himself, found the nipple, feed, then crawled up to the tip of my slipper. And now it is always like that: if there is a chance – he is so close, literally and figurately. My palms are always feeling His warm “wolf-like” side… 

Great reflections and “inherited skills” — Is it even possible?  

It seemed like he was born not only knowing his name but most of the commands. I did not have a need to explain not “near”, nor “come”, nor “lay/stay/sit”. Although, to be fair, it must be noted, it was not only him born this way: his sister – from the same litter – Bony M- was born as talented.  

  пиренейский мастиф Пиренейский мастиф картинки 

Now, in facts:

  • Very loyal to people. Has an amazing temper. Great motivation.  Handsome head.  
  • Strong. Fit and with great bones, back and limb angles. Dysplasia free (documents in process). 
  • Titles (documents in process).

Bagration’s pedigree

пиренейский мастиф родословная

Photos with Bagration.

Пиренейский мастиф фото Пиренейский мастиф Багратион с Екатериной Квадрициус пиренейский мастиф Пиренейский мастиф Пиренейский мастиф о породе Пиренейский мастиф фото пиренейский мастиф в семью с детьми пиренейский мастиф щенки купить в россии пиренейский мастиф щенки