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Pyrenean Mastiff
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PYRENEAN MASTIFF — Bella Pure from Aragon (Beya). Born 27.12.2017

What can I tell about her? 

— I adore her, when I see how gentle she is with human babies;

— I admire her, when she is to attack whoever makes an attempt upon herself or her (owners / food / friend / toy etc.), even if that someone is significantly larger in mass and size 

— I respect her for her flexibility and craftiness, for that even with me is trying to go over the line. 

— I understand her, when she is afraid (no, it is not cowardice, like it might seem to some), She does not want to disappoint her owners. She does not care about others. 

True Bitch. Doggy-Dog. With a capital. Very intellectual. 

Truly, “Pure Beauty from Aragon”

пиренейский мастиф бэя пиренейский мастиф фото


Very feminine, quite a large bitch of spectacular colour. Withers height — 74 cm. Right head, gorgeous teeth. Great bone structure. Great angles. Dysplasia free. Sanguine. Brave. Trained and well-behaved. Does not like shows but can amazingly present herself, since needed. Masterfully handles her own body. Specific and self-sufficient. 

Bella’s titles:

  • Russian Champion
  • RKF Champion
  • Russian Junior Champion 

Bella’s pedigree:

бэя родословная пиренейский мастиф

Photos with Beya:

пиренейский мастиф и ребенок пиренейский мастиф и ребенок пиренейский мастиф тренировка пиренейский мастифф выставка

 пиренейский мастиф pyrenean mastiff bella