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Pyrenean Mastiff
mastin de los pireneos, pyrenean mastiff

Welcoming lovers of such a rare dog breed — pyrenean mastiff.

We will be glad to have you and your big lovely pets as our guests.

It became sort of a tradition for us. Breeders, owners and future owners of pyrenean mastiffs, who come with dogs for dog shows, as well as future owners come and stay at our house. It is always pleasing to talk and share the experiences with each other about these giants at the “round and delicious table”. We know from experience how difficult it is to find a hotel which will accept our big fluffy friends with understanding. 

We had set up a guest studio-house with everything needed for You and your pet. Our sauna is always there at your service. The territory is fully fenced, if needed — a dog aviary is also free for use. We live right on the shore of Volga, to point out for fishing lovers.

Details and living conditions specify through a call: +7 952 778 01 39 — Elena;

+7 910 796 62 00 — Ekaterina

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