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Finally, we received a certificate № 23675 and registered the breeder prefix: “PURA BEYA DE ARAGON”.

Свидетельство заводчика пиренейских мастифов FCI Which means, from the breed’s native Spanish, — PURE BEAUTY FROM ARAGON, and orthographically it would be correct to say — pura belleza de Aragón

Let’s not be harsh to bureaucratic “impediments”, and just be glad that the event that kept  going on for 1.5 years, from a 3rd! try, has successfully been finalized!.

Unfortunately, we had to give up on the originally created and already used name — FromAragon (since FCI refused to confirm our alternative multiple times), but we did our best to give it up JUST a little bit, the meaning stayed the same — PURE BEAUTY FROM ARAGON

And most importantly, the puppy names from the closest litter (winter 2021) will have PURE BEYA DE ARAGON prefix