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Pyrenean Mastiff  — Bernard. Born 27.12.2017 (Italian: big bear, in family: Bernie). Bernard — large (height 85 cm at the withers) and handsome young dog, that knows how to present himself.  Thanks to his charm and spectacular exterior, this dog leaves no one cold. As a true pyrenean mastiff, he possesses light and graceful moves, despite solid size and mass. Bernie can not help but conquer with his temperament, he is a very friendly and tender boy. Although do not underestimate his natural qualities, pyrenean mastiff is a guard dog and companion, thus, in case of a threat to his owners, territory or friends, he will stand guard by turning into a brave and formidable opponent.

Training: Bernie is taking a behavior training course, preparing to pass cynological norms “Controlled dog” and “BH (dog — companion)”. But most of all he likes to take classes at physical development gym and ringcraft classes for dogs.

пиренейский мастиф в России

Пиренейский мастиф  Пиренейский мастиф

Our Champion Pyrenean mastiff Bernard. Thank Ekaterina Kvadritsius and Boris Glukharev for the photos.


  • Russian Junior Champion;
  • RKF Champion;
  • Junior winner of «Eurasia 2019»;
  • Prize-winner (2rd) Junior of 2rd group 02.12.2018;
  • Hungarian Champion;
  • Junior Winner of Euro Dog Show 2019 (BOB, Austria);
  • Winner of speciality pyrenean mastiff dog show in Austria 2019;
  • Russian Champion;
  • Multiple «Best of Breed»;
  • International Champion (documents for registration);
  • World Winner 2021 (Brno, Czech republic);

Bernard’s pedigree:

Родословная пиренейского мастифа

Bernard’s photos:

Пиренейский мастиф Пиренейский мастиф Пиренейский мастиф Мастиф пиренейский бернард

пиренейский мастиф щенки  пиренейский мастиф фото  пиренейскиймастиф фото щенкиМастиф пиренейский фотографии щенков из России

пиренейский мастиф щенки  пиренейский мастиф в россии пиренейский мастиф картинки

 фото пиренейский мастиф пиренейский мастиф чемпион пиренейский мастиф питомник пиренейский мастиф гигантская собака

 пиренейский мастиф верный друг питомник мастиф пиренейский Победитель Euro Dog Show 2019


Video from the World dog Show 2021 in Brno Czech Republic 02.10.21

Video from the Dog Show in Nizhny Novgorod 10.02.19