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After all, The world Dog Show 2021 took place. Czech republic, Brno.

As you, probably, understand:
to get to Czech republic for foreigners in this period of time;
especially for Russians;
especially with dogs of giant breed;
especially if dogs of such breed of their nature tends to make their own decisions….

— not just hard, we could say: «Unreal»…

…That is why, nothing surprising, that from 11 declared dogs (we were hoping meet more participants) — most of part were from Czech republic.

Barbara Muller (Switzerland) was Expert in pyrenean mastiff’ ring on WDS 2021 02 of October. Respect from the all participants to Barbara Muller! Dogs were evaluated not most because of grooming and handling, topline of dog with volumetric and ruffled wool were checked by touch. If it were necessary, Barbara helped to handler to put the dog in a rack, prompted, approved… She worked on 1000%.

From all the exhibitors — thank you very much, Barbara, and the lowest bow!

Russia was presesented with two dogs from Russia.

Bagira — Excellent, Vice World Winner 2021, CAC.
Bernard — BOB (best of breed), World Winner 2021, Excellent, CAC, CACIB.

Photos from the event

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